Клоу кома

Клоу кома

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come close

1. To physically move towards someone or something. Come close, kids, so you can see better.

2. To nearly or almost do something. We came close to hitting that car, but luckily, it swerved out of our way at the last second.

3. To be similar to someone or something else, often in a particular way. Oh, your replacement doesn’t even come close to you—she’s totally disorganized, and bossy too. Megan’s a genius, so no other student at school comes close to her.

come close

 (to someone or something)

1. Lit. to approach very near to someone or something. Come close to me and keep me warm. I didn’t touch it, but I really came close that time.

2. Fig. to approximate someone or something in a specific quality. When it comes to kindness, you don’t even come close to Jane. You don’t come close to the former owners in caring for your property.

come ˈclose (to something/to doing something)

almost reach or do something: He’d come close to death.We didn’t win but we came close.

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